Magical ancient Maya ruins, magnificent waterfalls, a spectacular barrier reef, stunning talcum powder beaches, majestic mountains, tropical rain forests, exotic gardens and people with strong national identities all add up to a fascinating and rich travel experience along  the far-reaching Caribbean of Mexico. Reaching out into the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea, the flat rectangular peninsula’s popularity stems from the wealth of archaeological treasures left by the ancient Maya civilization thousands of years ago and the spectacular beaches and reefs.

Cozumel Dolphinaris


The hub of San Miguel where locals and visitors converge, is at the Plaza del Sol, the main town square. Craft and souvenir shops lie at the sea front, where you can take your pick from the loose gemstones and an assortment of jewelry. A couple of blocks north of the ferry terminal, stands an attractive 1930’s building, which served as the first luxury hotel on the island and now houses the Museo de la Isla de Cozumel. Exhibits include portrayals of pre-Columbian and colonial history, maritime artifacts and displays on indigenous endangered animals. Tours are available and a cafe overlooks the sea.

For a wonderful insight into the magical world of the reef offshore, without getting wet, you will find Atlantis Submarine Tours at the Casa del Mar Hotel, about 3 km  south of San Miguel.

A popular excursion from Cozumel is a long haul to the Maya site of Tulum on the mainland. However, if you would rather not venture so far from San Miguel you can visit El Cedral, a small collection of Maya ruins where, every May, a colorful fiesta is hel to commemorate the first Catholic Mass celebrated in Mexico in 1518.

Closer to the center of the island, San Gervasio, hidden in the jungle is another Maya site, which has a sanctuary to Ixchel, the goddess of fertility. However, although both sites are well preserved, they do not come close in comparison with some of the other Maya settlements on the mainland.

Dolphins and diving  – Centered around a sparkling landlocked, natural seawater pool, Parque Nacional Chankanaab, is an enchanting place, not far south of the cruise terminal. Not only can you swim with dolphins here and rent diving and snorkeling equipment to explore the reef, but the ecopark’s beautiful soft sand beaches, its botanical garden with 800 spices of plants and a natural history museum will keep you busy all day . Unfortunately you can’t swim in the lagoon because the underwater  tunnel connecting it to the sea has collapsed.

Chankanaab Beach


Cancun is one of the youngest cities in the world. Thirty years ago there was nothing in this deserted island but virgin beaches inhabited by birds and iguanas. Back then the Mexican government carried out an ambitious tourist project in the narrow strip of sand that faces the Caribbean Sea and the beautiful Nichupte lagoon.

  Hotels in Cancun

Cancun is now a reality. Many multinational hotel companies and hundreds of restaurants and other tourist service are operating every day. There are many features that have made Cancun into  one of the best tourist destinations in the globe. You will find huge extensions of white sand, a crystalline turquoise blue sea, first level hotel infrastructure, splendid gastronomy and an extensive array of activities that will keep you busy during your stay. It is preferred destination of one out of five visitors to the Caribbean.

Spending a few days in Cancun goes far beyond resting and partying. You will enjoy the courtesy  of its people and its natural beauty during all your time there. Each tourist receives a preferential and unique treatment, which makes a marvelous experience out of every travel.

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