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City of Struga is situated on the northern part of Lake Ohrid, on the banks of the river Crn Drim surrounded bu beautiful mountains. Struga is located in the south western part of the Republic of Macedonia at an altitude of 695 meters.  An old settlement  with traces of an old civilization, dating from the Neolithic period. Its excellent location enables the town to become part of big road communications Via Egnatia, connecting the eastern and western Roman Empire.


Antic period for Struga was characteristic for it’s development and was a period of time when Struga was recognized by its previous original name of  ,,Enhalon” meaning eel. The real side of the old city name is the living story about the Lake eel, an endemic  fish that lives here for centuries. Namely, this kind of fish for the continuation of its kind purpose every year starts a 10000 miles reproduction journey  through the river of Crn Drim  all the way to Sargasso Sea in the North Atlantic. It is an epic cycle, a once in a life time journey where all of the eels are destined to dye after giving birth. Their miraculously phenomenon  successor genes are naturally programmed to come back to its home land the same way back and continue the cycle from beginning.

Struga waterfront

People’s museum ,,Dr. Nikola Nezlobinski”

The People’s museum ,,Dr. Nikola Nezlobinski”  was established in 1928, with the opening of the department for nature and science and the permanent zoological exhibition. Since 1961 a department for history and archaeology has been opened. In 1974 the gallery of Vangel Kodzoman was established, with its permanent exhibition named ,, Struga in the past,,  Gallery Vangel Kodjoman is one of the most prominent contemporary painters in Macedonia. Most of his work has been dedicated to his land andpeople. His paintings show scenes of old houses leaning over the narrow streets and a life that no longer exists. Some of his finest paintings are permanently exhibited in this gallery, located in the center of Struga. Museum through its activities makes explorations in the area of archaelogy, history, ethnology, zoology, and botany. This museum constantly collects materials from these fields and preserves them. It is also organizing thematic exhibitions from different fields, as well as many art exhibitions of Macedonian and international artists, taking place at the Museum art gallery.

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Cultural center Miladinovci brothers

The Center Miladinovci was established in 1965. it is an institution whose domains of activity are education, publishing, theater cinema etc. Various cultural events of local and national character are taking place at this cultural center – the opening of Struga poetry evenings, art exhibitions, concerts, plays, presentations and manifestations.

Vodici in Struga 2013 on Flickr.

Celebration of the day our Lord Jesus Christ was baptised in the river Jordan

Eight reasons to visit Macedonia



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