Eight reasons to visit Macedonia

Posted: 19/09/2017 in Worldwide accommodations

What would interest you the most when you planing a trip to another country? Is it it’s nature, it’s people, the way of their living, their culture or maybe their history?
Here we’ll list eight reasons to help you chose something new and quite different of all previous destinations you’ve been to, or you are about to go. Different because of its ancient history, unique architecture, beautiful landscapes and great food. Enjoy and make your stay memorable while visiting Macedonia – land of the lakes, history and traditions.

Experience a hosting journey in Macedonia

Discover the forgotten civilization

Kokino observatory


According to NASA, Kokino is the fourth oldest prehistoric observatory in the world. Known as the Macedonian stonehenge, it is one of the greatest megalithic observatories in the World and the only one so far discovered in the Eastern Europe.


The Great mother

Magna Mater (Great mother)

A prehistoric goddess from the Neolithic period, magnificent figurine made of clay dating 7000-3500 years BC. Even the artistic expression of this amazing figurine is answer to all doubts of its part in the almost perfect Neolithic culture on Macedonian soil, one of the biggest centers from the early human civilization begining. Adam of Govrlevo is a Macedonian Neolithic sculpture more than 6000 years old artifact.


Macedonia Wine regions

Ultimate hedonism

Blessed by the sun and fertile soil, ancient inhabitants of Macedonian land produced excellent food and divine wines, which accompanied with good music create the,, Holy trinity,, of hedonism. Kept by the Macedonian kings and nobelty, wine cult and tradition was passed to modern time producers and consumers.


Biblical country

Biblical Macedonia – Christianity’s second fatherland.

Country in which the New Testament was born. They finally reached the coast at Troas, where Paul had a vision of a Macedonian begging him,, Come to Macedonia and help us,, (Act 16:9). Paul took this as a God’s call. Macedonia is not only a country mentioned in the Bible, but it is also the only  country on the European continent in which some parts of the New Testament were written. The Apostle Paul wrote the second Epistle to the Corinthians and the first Epistle to Timothy.

Accommodation in Ohrid

Land of Nature.

Book a tour and travel to the four corners of the Macedonian most picturesque places of interest. Attractive lakes,  beautiful mountains, river gorges, plain valleys and endless spectacular views are some of the distinctive features you will experience. @MKDtours

Mysteries of Macedonia

Wholly unsolved riddles. Alexander of Macedon golden sarcophagus, a treasure that would fetch untold millions today, has never been found, and there are those who believe it lies in a crypt yet uncovered. The Knights Templar marchee across the great Roman road that runs across Macedonia on their way back from Jerusalem, where some believe they stole the ark of the Covenant… perhaps that artifact is still buried somewhere around here.

Craddle of culture.

The cave drawings and the rock art testify for the ancient beginning of  the human spirit and the need to express its life through pictures. The houses with hearts, the pottery, the weapons and tools, the jewelry and decoration items from the Neolithic and Bronze age prove this was the place of birth of settlements and as historians, archeologists and architects use to say: “The need to live together on one place with others, is the beginning of a civilization”.

Walk on the same roads as the Great Macedonian Kings

Queen Cleopatra

Justinian I

Alexander II of Macedon

King Philip II of Macedon







Lake Ohrid

Off-ski routes in Macedonia

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