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Bitola is the second largest city in the Republic of Macedonia. It is situated in the utmost southwestern part of the Republic of Macedonia in the Valley of Pelagonia in the foothills of Baba mountain. In addition to this it is the utmost southern city in the Republic of Macedonia, which is only 13 km away from the border with Greece.


The town is dispersed along the banks of the river Dragor at an altitude of 590 to 700 m above sea level. The transportation communication of Bitola to the north is oriented towards Prilep, to the west it is oriented towards Ohrid, whereas to the south it is oriented towards Greece. Motorways with international relevance are directed towards these destinations. In addition to them there are also regional roads leading towards Kicevo and the area of Mariovo. The Railway from Veles and Prilep passes through Bitola and continues towards Greece i.e. towards Florida Odessa and Thessaloniki. Modern day Bitola was founded by the tribe called,, dragoviti” at the end of the 6th century. As an urban settlement it is mentioned for the first time in the 11th century.

 Heraclea Lyncestis

The city has evolved in the immediate vicinity of the former ancient town of Heraclea. As soon as you make the first step through the narrow streets of Heraclea the history and the past will unfold under your feet. The name of Heraklea Lyncestis inevitably brings each of us centuries back, in the period of the 4th century BC when this city was founded by Philip II of Macedon. Situated on one of the most important crossroads at that time, via Egnatia, Heraklea became the most important station in the region. Each stone each of the postaments covered with its own mysticism, brings the burden of the past. Its layers above itself the Hellenistic as well as the Roman period. It braids them and creates the unique truth about the city where one after the other you can see the buildings from one or other time, place filled with columns and spread with mosaics.

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Explore Bitola by yourself

Visiting Bitola for tourists means no boring time! There is a wide range of cultural manifestations, different international festivals, art exhibitions throughout the whole year. Bitola is a city with already established image and cultural life. Tourists can choose between visiting an art gallery, summer festival shows, music concerts or enjoy watching a theatre show performed by one of the most respected theatres in the country. It is a city which is consistently renewing itself open to other cultures, relaxed, social and friendly. Many people come to Bitola without knowing what to expect but almost everyone leaves with good impression and desire to return.
After finishing your coffee on the most ambient street in the country,, Shirok sokak,, you will understand why there is a lot more to Bitola city than just architecture and history.

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Besides urban diversity, you have an exceptional opportunity to escape to the beauty of the oldest National park in the state – Pelister. njoy the untouched nature and quiet walks through the trees of the,, Molica” pine, pure mountain springs, beautiful villages and traditional food, attractive small waterfalls, astonishing glacial Lakes, see the endemic species of butterflies only in the mountain, sleep in village houses with are traditional ambience. If you are an archaeology lover find some time to visit settlements from the Iron Age and medieval period that are near the Park. Following the ancient path Via Egnatia which passes through the National Park Pelister, you will have a unique opportunity to walk the same road the Apostle Paul, Macedonian phalanx, the Roman legions and Byzantine tsars travelled.
Bitola is the city that lives all the time and still peaceful and comfortable… hanging out through the day, drinking coffee, shopping, talking and embrace the sun on Shirok sokak. Go out at night, no matter which place you choose to go to –
let your senses enjoy!

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