Top ten Caribbean attractions

Marriott beach St. Thomas

The whole of the Caribbean region has had a turbulent history. You will notice on arrival at any island port that there is at least one fortress guarding the harbor mouth, or perched up on a hillside with a panoramic view of the sea.

St. Thomas Marriott

These scattered vestiges of military power, some ruined and others restored, remind us that the Caribbean has always been fought over. Its landscapes are marked not only by fortifications, but by reminders of battles, uprisings and massacres. The surrounding seas have witnessed countless naval engagements and they conceal a wealth of sunken warships, rusting cannons and treasure.

Not only did competing European nations go to war over this rich and desirable region, fighting out their quibbles from home on this glorious sea, but pirates preyed on its ports, and African slaves rose up in violent bids for freedom. Only in more recent times have these islands discovered peace.

In many respects, the modern Caribbean is something of a success story. With the exception of Cuba, the region mostly enjoys democratic government and a steadily growing standard of living. Barbados, for instance, has some of the best quality of life statistics outside Europe and North America. But there are still social and political flash-points in the region. Cuba’s future remains uncertain, and Haiti’s deep seated problems seem no closer to a solution. There is occasional trouble in the tough inner city ghettos of Kingston, Jamaica, and elections in Trinidad have been tense to say the least.

Trinidad & Tobago Festivals

However , the threats facing the Caribbean today are now more economic than political. As a cluster of small states, the islands are especially vulnerable to developments beyond their control. These range from the hurricanes that regularly  ravage communities, to globalization and the loss of export markets to cheaper producers around the world. But in the true Caribbean spirit, the islanders will not be beaten while the land and sea around them can still provide them with a livelihood in the form of tourism. The importance of this industry cannot be overstated, some 3 million jobs depend on tourism and is is estimated that more than US$40 billion comes into the region through tourist spending. And people who depend on the influx of tourists don’t just work in the hotels and restaurants, they include farmers, taxi drivers and artisans.

The Caribbean has it all: sheltered coves, cooling trade winds, lush rain forests and exotic wildlife – paradise.

Puerto rico

Nassau Bahamas

Cayo Guillidad Cuba

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