Live music permeates the streets of Havana’s old town, which is a World Heritage Site, socialist architecture mixes with colonial and Caribbean flair, and Cuba’s snow-white dream beaches have already enchanted Christopher Columbus. Immerse yourself in the Cuban lifestyle of fiery salsa, rattling vintage cars, hand-rolled cigars, refreshing cocktails and the warm-hearted inhabitants of the largest Caribbean island.

Havana street

Accommodation in Cuba

The beach resorts in Cuba are larger accommodations that mostly work with the all-inclusive concept.

The large beach resorts in the well-known holiday regions usually offer extensive pool landscapes.

The most famous places in Cuba are certainly the capital Havana in central Cuba, the tobacco-growing region of Viñales Valley, the colonial town of Trinidad on the south coast and the beach regions such as Varadero. Also, drive to the small town of Playa Larga and explore the Bay of Pigs on your own. Or how about a trip to the east of the Caribbean island, where you can discover Humboldt National Park on a hike?

Cuba Highlights


Havana, the lively capital of Cuba, will immediately captivate you with its crumbling colonial architecture, chic vintage cars and enchanting salsa rhythms. Explore the quaint Old Town and sample a mojito at Hemingway’s favorite bar, El Floridita, before watching the sun set on the Malecón waterfront.


Trinidad, a former Spanish colonial city, is surrounded by a beautiful mountain landscape. Together with the sugar cane plantations of Valle de los Ingenios, Trinidad is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city is just so full of serenity and joie de vivre: people make music, dance and laugh on the cobblestone streets.

Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba, located in the southeast of Cuba, is one of the most important cultural and historical places in the country. It is considered the heart of the carnival and the cradle of the Cuban “Son”. In addition, Santiago is closely linked to the historical revolution of Cuba. Marvel at the impressive colonial architecture and the imposing and well-preserved Castillo de San Pedro de la Roca.

Viñales Valley

The approximately 10 km long Viñales Valley is one of the most beautiful landscapes in Cuba and is known for tobacco, fruit and vegetable plantations. The lush green landscapes, unreal karst caves and bizarre mountains create an impressive atmosphere. Take a look behind the scenes, because a Havana cigar is real handwork.

Dream beaches

There are beaches in Cuba for every taste. The holiday resort of Varadero is well-known and not without reason very popular. Kilometers of fine sandy beaches are lined with extensive hotel complexes. If you prefer something quieter and more secluded, small islands like Cayo Levisa or Cayo Largo del Sur lure with fantastic coral reefs and lonely stretches of beach.


Travel to and from Cuba

There are several ways to explore the Caribbean island of Cuba. We recommend that you plan your tour of the island individually with your own rental car or with the public bus.

  • Rental car tour in Cuba

A Cuba round trip with a rental car naturally has the advantage that you are very flexible and you can organize the days freely. On the way you can stop along the road from time to time and experience deserted beaches or untouched nature. Driving during your Cuba trip is relatively easy as there is not much traffic.

In the west and in central Cuba, the roads are now quite well developed, but you should expect one or two potholes and know that the road conditions in Cuba are of course not comparable to those in Europe. Especially in the east of Cuba you often find roads in very bad condition, so that you should generally plan more time for the individual routes. Since there are no international rental car agencies in Cuba, you have to reckon with a fairly low availability and a comparably high price.

Travel by bus in Cuba

If you prefer to sit back and relax on your Cuba tour and don’t want to drive yourself, you can also explore the island by public bus. The buses are designed for tourists and are therefore very modern by Cuban standards, offer enough space for luggage and are air-conditioned. The timetables are designed in such a way that a bus tour of Cuba is easy to do and we have always had good experiences with the punctuality of the buses. The bus stations are often within walking distance.

Otherwise you will pay around 2-3 CUC for a taxi. In the big city of Havana, the station is a bit further out, so you have to take a taxi for about 10 CUC. The round trip by bus is definitely a good and cheaper alternative to the rental car round trip in Cuba.

Distances in Cuba

It’s no secret that the road conditions in Cuba are a lot worse than in Europe. Please do not rely on the route information from e.g. Google Maps, as such programs never calculate the time delay due to poor road conditions. So that you don’t expect any surprises in Cuba, we have created distance tables for you. Simply find the information for the route you need.

Travel tips

  • Even if travel to Cuba is currently not recommended by the Federal Foreign Office, you can still travel to Cuba. Entry into Cuba depends on the infection rate in the country of origin. Cuba currently allows entry from Germany for tourist purposes; certain requirements apply upon entry.
  • When entering Cuba, a negative PCR test from a certified laboratory in paper form in English or Spanish from the home country must be presented, which must not be older than 72 hours when leaving Germany (start of trip).
  • All travelers must undergo another mandatory PCR test upon arrival in Cuba at the airport. A declaration of your state of health must also be submitted directly at the airport.
  • Travelers with a reservation at a licensed hotel must remain at the hotel pending receipt of the negative test result. The following applies to travelers who are staying in a “Casa Particular” or any private accommodation: Immediately after entry, there is an obligation to be isolated in a fee-based hotel assigned by the Cuban authorities until another, additional negative test result is received. This re-test usually takes place on the fifth day after entry. The test result is usually available within two days, delays in individual cases cannot be ruled out.
  • Even travelers who are vaccinated must take a PCR test before departure and upon arrival and quarantine upon arrival until a negative result is obtained.

General Rules and Measures in Cuba

As with us, distance rules and hygiene regulations apply in Cuba. We ask you to comply with the general and specific safety rules on site. The offer of accommodation and tourist services as well as travel options within the country are still restricted. Excursions to Havana are not possible until further notice and there is a curfew in Havana from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m.

Important for your return journey:

The following applies to all air travelers from abroad: a negative test result must already be available when checking in at the place of departure, which must not be older than 72 hours (PCR) or 48 hours (antigen test) upon arrival/entry in Germany. The time of entry into Germany is decisive for the calculation of these periods. To the RKI information.

Before you return, find out about the current entry regulations in Germany and your federal state. An overview of the regulations of the individual federal states can be found in the tourism guide from the Federal Tourism Competence Center. Select your state and scroll down the page where you can switch from tourist to general view.

Other travel restrictions and quarantine regulations may apply to arrivals from other countries.

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