Macedonia is an ancient biblical country, geographically situated in the central part of the Balkan Peninsula. Following the Balkan wars (1912 – 1913) it was unjustly politically divided, but after a lengthy and a persistent struggle one of the parts definitely obtained the status of a state – the Republic of Macedonia.

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Republic of Macedonia covers an area of 25713 km2. It borders several countries. Namely, to the north it borders Serbia, to the east it borders Bulgaria and to the south it borders Greece, whereas to the west it borders Albania. Due to the relief features, diverse climatic conditions are present on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia,  from Mediterranean  to mountainous

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Getting to Macedonia

By air

TAV Airports had undertaken the operation of Alexander the Great Airport of Skopje and Ohrid Airport in Macedonia, renovate them by latest European standards.

With a big investment made, Skopje Alexander the Great Airport which shall be operated by TAV Airports until 2030, reached a capacity to serve approximately 4 million passengers annually. As the entry gate of the capital Skopje, Skopje Alexander the Great Airport heading for being one of the important flight centers of Eastern Europe and Balkans, gained a face to reflect the dynamic and modern structure of Macedonia. The Airport with its strategic position, for which the construction was completed in 18 months, is planned to be the transportation center of the Balkans.

Ohrid airport can be operational from small aircraft to medium-large aircraft. The apron can accommodate up to 9 aircraft and the terminal is equipped to handle up to 400 000 passengers annually.

Connections to Macedonia via:

London, Malmo, Eindhoven, Brussels, Dusseldorf, Dortmund, Munich, Zurich, Basel, Milan, Venice, Ljubljana, Vienna Zagreb, Rome, Belgrade, Istanbul, Izmir and Dubai.

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By car

The transportation infrastructure is predominantly oriented along the valleys of the major rivers. In the direction of north-south, the most important communications are along the valley of the river Vardar, where via a motorway and a railway line the cities of Belgrade, Nish, Skopje, Solun (Thesaloniki) and Athens are connected, in addition to the branch connecting Skopje, Kicevo, Ohrid and Albania, the branch connecting Kumanovo, Shtip, Strumica and Greece. In the direction of east- west some of the more characteristic roads are those connecting Sofia, Kriva Palanka, Skopje, Tetovo and Debar, as well as the road connecting Blagoevgrad, Delchevo, Shtip, Veles, Prilep, Bitola, Ohrid, Struga and Albania with a branch from Bitola leading to Greece, as well as certain other communications.

Macedonian tradition

Architecture in Macedonia

Macedonia has always been an attractive place for settlers. There are traces here from the earliest human communities. The sites of Tumba, Mogila and Chuka have some of the earliest architectural structures.

St. Clement presence in Macedonia marked the beginning of a new period of art for the region. Objectively speaking, the history of art in these territories represented a history of church art. The influence of Byzantine art is indisputable, although artistic works created during the time of Clement and the time of Tsar Samoil are exceptions. The construction of the church of St. Sophia in Constantinopole had a decisive influence on establishing criteria for building temples in areas the Orthodox church dominated. However during the Macedonian Empire of Samoil, new caharacteristics can be noticed in Macedonian architecturelong after the Byzantine architectural school had run its course. This suggest the existence of a separate Macedonian school of architecture.

Senses are the gates of our souls

Macedonia is the homeland of gourmets. People here know how to enjoy food, and eating is a type of a ritual. Since people enjoy nature and it’s fruits, one can say that Macedonians are followers of Epicureanism. On the entrance of Epicurus school there was a sign that said: ,, Stranger, here you will do well to tarry, here are highest good is pleasure. The same goes for the Macedonian home. One must be present at,, slava,, (glorification celebration known exclusively to the Orthodoxworld), or another celebration so they can feel that the most beautiful feeling is when pleasure is shared with family and friends at a table with rakia or wine. In this region that feeling causes true happiness.

Macedonian cuisine

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The numerous sunny days are a source of rich tastes and aromas in the Macedonian kitchen. The region is characterized by a climate that is suitable for growing fruits, vegetables and many different varieties of herbs and spices. Each year the orchards and the Gardens are heavy with irresistibly tasty fruits, the wine barrels are always full to the top and the meat has an exquisite quality. Iit is very easy to satisfy anyone’s culinary wishes – those who enjoy meat and fish specialties as well as those who prepare various vegetarian foods.

Each season has its own seasonal food and almost each part of the country has its own specialty. One can simply discovers a pallet of unmistakable choices.
The excellent Geographic and climatic conditions are more than sufficient for growing grape vines. Different kinds of grapes are grown on Macedonian land and the specific note of the Macedonian wine culture comes from the autochtonous cultivars. Macedonia has an ancient tradition of domestic wine and rakia production of unique tastes.

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Each combination of food and wine makes you sight with pleasure as you give in to the rich tastes. One may not say a word in the Macedonian kitchen – they will always have a full mouth. Find more info at

Eight reasons to visit Macedonia



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