Beautiful beaches

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Panama has the most beautiful beaches and national parks.They are all over its territory so no matter where you are you can visit any of them after a very short drive or no drive at all.

Top Hotels in Panama City

1. Taboga – The Island of Flowers

Visit this peaceful island located only 45 minutes away by boat from Panama City. Hike to the top of its highest mountain and watch colorful frogs and butterflies on the way to it. Taboga is a small island rich in history. It was from Taboga that Pizzaro launched his attack against the Inca’s in 1532 and the church of San Pedro is the second oldest structure in the western hemisphere. This island is one of the quitest places you will ever visit, it will fill you with an amazing feeling of peace and relaxation. It also has many attractions that can be seen just by walking through its beautiful lanes covered with flowers. When Paul Gauguin saw it in 1887 he was determined to live there, but his wage of $120 a month working for the Panama Canal didn’t allow him enough money to purchase a land.

Taboga visiting tips:

-Leave your bags at the hotel, pack only the things you’ll be needing for the day and let the fun begin.

  • Walk through its beautiful lanes covered with flowers enjoy the amazing waterfalls.
  • Hike through an ecological trails in the rain forest all the way to the top of the island and appreciate the diverse spicies of flora and fauna in their natural environment
  • Swim in the placid waters of one of the beaches.
  • Have lunch in one of Taboga’s picturesque restaurants

2. Portobelo

Portobelo is the home to one of the most famous fairs of the Spanish galleons, known as the Monumental  Complex and declared as a World Cultural Heritage Monument of UNESCO. Living up to the name given by Christopher Columbus on his fourth voyage, this is indeed a beautiful port. The town, rich in history, was the site of many sea and land battles waged between the Spanish Colonials and Pirates. Become acquainted with Captain Henry Morgan, Admiral Vernon, Sir Francis Drake and many more. One of the best areas of Panamanian Caribbean coast reefs.

3. Bocas del Toro

Sting rays, lobsters, many species of crabs and a countless variety of tropical fish. There are many popular sites such as ,,Hospital Point” featuring a 45 wall dive, the caves at ,,Zapatilla Keys”, going back a few hundred feet and requiring underwater lights, ,,Ola Chicka” which is a shallow cruise dive through a myriad of natural volcanic rock formations, slides and overhangs. Water conditions are calmest during Oct-Nov. However, most dive sites are situated in calmer areas.

National Parks

Panama has a remarkable National Park System, covering almost 25% of it’s territory. In the Panama canal area, some of these parks guarantee the water balance, ensuring not only biological diversity, but also the operation of the world’s main inter-oceanic waterway.

Soberania National Park (22104 hectares). a tropical rain forest, sanctuary of many species of flora and fauna. It has rivers, waterfalls, wildlife and much more. Recognized internationally because it has one of the richest bird diversities around. One of the world’s most complete ecosystems. This is truly the jungle experience you are looking for.

Metropolitan Park  (655 acres) – The only rain forest located in the middle of a major city in Latin America. It has nature trails and it is the site of scientific tropical rain forest research. Home to more than 25 species of birds and 40 species of mammals. It has a projection room and a permanent exhibition, an eco-store and a library. You can visit the Orchid Green House, with species that can only be found in Panama and other internationally renowned ones such as Espirity Santo, Panama National Flower. The view from the top is spectacular.

The Panama Canal – Visit the Panama canal Miraflores Locks and learn about this engineering marvel of the world as you watch huge cargo ships passing right in front of you. Make an exciting ecological  expedition visiting the military installations abandoned for more than 50 years in the middle of the jungle and stopping by the monkey island.

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