The town of Ohrid is indeed the cultural history of the Republic of Macedonia in miniature. As an Episcopal center in ancient times, and likewise through the widely renowed Ohrid archbiscopic, the town has likewise through the centuries represented the entire ecclesiastical history in Macedonia.

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Ohrid Samuel Fortress

Through the activity of St. Clement of Ohrid, at the end of the 9 th and the beginning of the 10 th century the first pan – Slavonic university in Europe was situated here. Ohrid was the most important official capital of the first medieval Macedonian state, of Samuel’s empire.

Ohrid is a literary center of Macedonia in the 19th century with the strong maxim of one of the greatest European intellectuals of that time, the native from Ohrid, Grigor Prlicev, so called ,, The Second Homer,, : PERFECTION OF DEATH!

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Today Ohrid is a cultural, spiritual and tourist center of Macedonia. And finally, as the crowning glory of its values, Ohrid and the Lake of Ohrid were declared a cultural and natural heritage site under the protection of UNESCO since 1980.

Ohrid Architecture

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The city architecture of Ohrid has a special place in the cultural heritage. Here,  more than any other Macedonian towns the specific type of oriental city houses built in the period between 19 th and 20 th centuries is preserved.

That is why we shouldn’t be surprised that the great French architect La Corbisier in his compiled works for the city architecture on the Balkan dedicates a special attention to the Macedonian city houses and their facades.

Tourist sights of interest

Churches – aside of the lake, Ohrid is most famous for its ancient churches, basilicas, and monasteries where Saints Klement and Naum (students of Cyril and Methodus) wrote their teachings and formulated the Cyrillic alphabet used in the Republic of Macedonia, as well as Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro, Russia, and many of the countries of the former Soviet Union. Most of these churches charge an entry which for tourists is normally double that what locals pay, but is still worth it. It is a good idea to cover up when entering a church, but most locals will understand the inconveniences involved during a hot Macedonian Summer. There is also a wonderful ancient walled fortress at the top of the city.

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Old Bazaar (Charshia) – Most of the preserved stores and workshops belonged to the Ohrid traders and craftsmen. There are woodcarving ateliers, workshops for cooper products, manufacturing leather products, Ohrid pearl, and filigree.

Accommodation in Ohrid

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Book a Tour while in Macedonia at https://m.facebook.com/MKDtours

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