St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is an aristocratic city with a unique aesthetic for truly memorable events and meetings. The historic city center is itself a UNESCO World Heritage Site, alive with tradition and at the forefront of Russian commerce. Iconic buildings such as the Hermitage provide a stunning backdrop to a city replete with industrial and financial acumen.

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St. Petersburg

As a major trade getaway, St Petersburg is one of Russia’s most easily reached cities, accessible with its international and domestic airports, as well as by train and its internationally renowned port.

City highlights and activities

Discover St. Petersburg – On any guided tour of the city, you will be able to admire the lavish architecture and rich traditions that have inspired such great art and literature. Discover palaces and cathedrals housed amid the greenery and along the winding canals of a city that charms visitors year round.

St.PetersburgArts and Culture – Visit the city’s incredible museums to discover why St. Petersburg is rightly considered Russia’s cultural capital. The Hermitage and the Russian Museum are not to be missed. The diversity of performing arts on offer is truly world class, including internationally acclaimed opera and ballet seasons in spectacular spaces such as the Mariinsky and Mikhaylovsky Theaters.

Dinning and Shopping  – Take in the the atmospheric surrounds of Nevsky Prospect, where you can browse fascinating local stores and sample some traditional Russian cuisine. A short trip to Vasilyevsky island and its main street, Bolshoi Prospect, offers a wonderful selection of local arts, crafts and souvenirs.

Green St. Petersburg – Welcome to Russia’s greenest city, with some 200 parks and gardens, surrounded by broad, tree-lined avenues and hundreds of picturesque leafy squares.

Outside St. Petersburg – the city’s suburbs are a monument to the fascinating history of the Romanov Tsars. Travel out for tours of the various palaces and summer residences, all with breathtaking architecture and scenic gardens.

St. PetersburgHotel Astoria, St. Petersburg

A truly historic property opposite St. Isaac’s Cathedral, Hotel Astoria offers a century of tradition combined with contemporary style and amenities. Stylish rooms and suites are complemented by upscale dining and spa facilities and the beautiful Winter Garden, all within walking distance of the city center.

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