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A skyscraper that looks like a pile of boxes will become a trademark of Miami. It will be home to the new Waldorf Astoria hotel complex, but will also have private residences.
Nine glass blocks will transform the panorama of Miami and make it completely different from the remaining architecture of the East Coast. The starting price of the apartments will be one million dollars, and reservations are already being made.
Miami Waldorf Astoria
This will be the tallest building in Miami - with its 320 meters high  will be 100 floors high. It will house a hotel and 360 suites with first-class services and amenities, including a lounge, an exclusive restaurant, event rooms, indoor swimming pool with relaxation cabins, spa and fitness center.
The Waldorf Astoria residence was created by PMG, Hilton and other private investment companies. It will be the tallest apartment building south of New York. In addition to private suites, the building will have 205 hotel rooms and suites in a five-star hotel.

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